Misty Project

The aim of the Danse Lente Misty Project is lo bring together creative women from all around the world to raise donations for the charily Global Fund for Women. As a women's accessories brand we have always strived to connect and empower women working in diverse fields and are con-stantly inspired by their unique visual narratives. In celebration of our new SS21 Misty Bag, we are working with nine special collaborators to bring their memories to life through their very own, one-of-a-kind Misty bag.
Collaborators have sent us a special image that they would like to print on their own Misty. The unique bag they have designed will then be sold through an online auction that will take place in April 2021, and will be exhibited on our Instagram feed prior to the sale, 100% of auction sales will be donated to the women's charity Global Fund for Women.
Collaborators will be given two bags - one for themselves, and one to gift to a friend, and will help spread news about the auction before it begins, Depending on the public response to the project, we will consider doing a second round with new collaborators in May or June.



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@Pia Riverola


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