Danse Lente and Maison Trouvaille are proud to unveil their capsule home collaboration. The London accessory brand and the Los Angeles interior design firm introduces a seven-piece collection that captures the ease and style of both partners.

 The two collaborated on a collection of unisex robes and slippers for their first foray into home products.  The robe made from fine linen uses bold and unexpected pattern cutting to achieve unique stripes with a strong contrast in colors. The slippers use a traditional weave from high quality leather for a modern shape.



Erick Garcia, the interior designer and founder of Maison Trouvaille was excited in working with the accessory brand.  “One of the joys of being an interior designer is the opportunity to transform the world in which our clients live,” said Garcia.   “With this collaboration, we were able to translate our interior aesthetic into fashion pieces. By doing so, it has helped expand my thinking of the Maison Trouvaille universe.”

 “It was a fun process collaborating with Youngwon and when she showed me sketches of some of her latest bags, I was instantly drawn to the weaving process in her 'Lake' bag. That was the starting point to the design process.  I'm so happy with the final collection and how it embodies the effortless style of both our works.” 



Danse Lente creative director and founder, Youngwon Kim comments, “I’ve always been inspired and fascinated by home objects and had a curiosity how the Danse Lente design would translate into homes. I was excited to work with Erick as I admired the interior designs that he’s done.” 

She concludes, “I can’t wait to see one of these pieces in a Maison Trouvaille designed home.”

The collection will be available at www.danselente.com on June 16th and exclusively at Galleries Lafayette in Paris.